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vietnam-travel-bacninh-img04The Thuy Dinh
Bac Ninh province is under contract with the regional tourism and the North. Northern Bac Giang borders, east and south-eastern border with Hai Duong province, the western border with Hanoi, the southern border with Hung Yen. The province has many large rivers, so the transportation system of roads, railways and waterways are favorable, located adjacent to the capital Hanoi has so many advantages in developing economic and cultural. Topography is mainly in the plain, there are many beautiful places are renowned in poetry: River Bridge, Thien Thai mountain … Average temperature in about 24 ° C. Your can find the best Vietnam Travel Deals from Viet Vision Travel.

Potential economic development and tourism

According to research results, the archeologist who has ancient residence in Bac Ninh from thousands of years ago. The remnant of the ancient city Luy Lau has proven that each of Bac Ninh is one of the ancient city, a commercial center rather prosperity of the Vietnamese from the 2nd century to 10 century. North Vietnam is the land of Buddha soon penetrated from the first centuries of resources. Ly home to life, Buddhism has reached extreme levels th?nh. Many Pagoda, the tower was built in the North and Economics has become relics architecture – culture. Bac Ninh province has a lot of heritage and non-physical objects attract customers collect local to, learn.

Bac Ninh is a land of many convergence vestiges cultural and religious large; land has established many legendary spirit to residents of the Vietnamese, the land has produced the king Ly dynasty – a dynasty has the open civilization in Vietnam and development brilliantly throughout more than 200 years. Bac Ninh is where many of the talents in the history of the country as the king of the eight Ly; time Le courtliness 6 savor the message in his 5 Bac Ninh, Ngo Gia Tu, a communist soldiers in strength. .. Bac Ninh is the land of times di?u the people of their character, typical for the type of Northern revolver, carrying copies of dark regions. Bac Ninh relationship today has become a cultural heritage quarter of Vietnam.

Relationship Bac Ninh
Bac Ninh is home of the temple towers, festivals and other cultural activities traditional. Each festival shows all the beauty, culture and essence of local and ethnic groups are given the opportunity to review any, voters favor the heroes.Don’t forget to book a shot cultural tour to Bac Ninh during your Vietnam Vacations.

Bac Ninh is now a local industry has the reputation of the country: wood Dong Vietnam, Dong’s home, and Dai Bai … that the conditions for tourism development. On the land has the thick and rich culture, every level of the spring, the Kinh Bac r?n that the tray of fun.


The province has a North-South Railway and Highway 1A running through. From Bac Ninh city by Highway 38 to Cam Giang (Hai Duong). City Bac Ninh way than 30km Hanoi, Bac Giang, 20km, according to National Highway 1A.


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Bac Ninh: first e-government province in VN

vietnam-travel-bacninh-img03Since beginning its massive information technology (IT) application programme three years ago, Bac Ninh province has so far connected 21 local-area networks (LAN) at departments and seven at districts and towns and completed a network using optical cable among departments and the province’s Data Integration Center.

Through LANs, cable and wireless transmission lines, local administrative agencies can directly connect with the Data Integration Centre for free, said Nguyen Huu Mao, Vice Head of the Bac Ninh IT Steering Committee.

Bac Ninh province is also the first locality in the country to release a public geographic database on its website, including land maps of 125 communes and towns, providing the local people with clear information on the province’s land situation.

Besides, the province has effectively implemented the Internet programme at schools and models of communal post offices with Internet connection. As many as 148 communal post offices in the province are now connected to the Internet.

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Ceremony launches new IZ in Bac Ninh Province

vietnam-travel-bacninh-img02The ceremony was organised by the People’s Committee of the northern province of Bac Ninh along with the Republic of Korea’s IGS group. The new zone will involve investment
capital of US$240 million.

Covering an area of 602.5ha in Nam Son-Hap Linh Commune, Tien Du District, IGS Industrial Park will house approximately 300 manufacturing facilities, and will feature a 200ha area devoted to auxiliary facilities such as a sales complex, exhibition hall, hospital, housing, hotel, park, golf course and schools to satisfy the needs of expatriates, visitors, workers and provincial residents. According to the group, the park will be an attractive investment for firms from Korea, the USA, and other nations wishing to set up a manufacturing presence in Viet Nam.

“Despite the economic turmoil plaguing the world economy today, IGS expects the zone will draw about $2 billion in foreign investment and create between 50,000 and 100,000 jobs for provincial workers, contributing to bettering the economic and social prospects of the province,” said the group’s Chief Executive Officer, Do Jin Ji.

Do Jin Ji added that IGS decided invest in Viet Nam because of the cheap labour force and natural resources, which enhance the competitive ability of the firm especially when the world economy is in crisis.

“The Korean private sector has continued to boost its foreign direct investment into Viet Nam, making Korea one of the six major trading partners of Viet Nam,” said the chair of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy of the Korean National Assembly, Jung Jang-Seon.

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Industrial zone construction begins in Bac Ninh

vietnam-travel-bacninh-img01Viglacera will pour nearly VND 990 billion (roughly US $62 million) into infrastructure construction for the 340-hectares IZ. The IZ is located at the interjection of the North-South corridor (National Highways 1A and 1B linking Hanoi and northern Lang Son province) and the East-West corridor (Highway 18 linking Noi Bai International Airport and the Cai Lan deepwater port in northern Quang Ninh province). It will lie next to the railway road from Hanoi to Lang Son province, which neighbours China.

Factories and warehouses will cover 60% of the IZ’s area and the remaining area will be used for public works, trees, technical infrastructure and roads. The IZ is expected to generate jobs for 15,000 local workers.

After the ground-breaking ceremony, the Management Board of IZs in Bac Ninh province granted licenses to the two first businesses registering to lease nearly 20 ha in the zone.

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